Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maskers with Their Film Cameras

A masker is a person who wears a mask or takes part in a masque, so a masker with his film camera is a mysterious person who may love shooting film. It's not like a normal portrait because we can't recognize who he is except his film camera.

Hereunder are some analogue photos of maskers with their film cameras.

reflected self-portrait with Minolta X-700 camera and jaundice by pho-Tony

Roy Brushing His Teeth by ThePetor

'Roid Week Day One: Kodak Pony by Emily Savill

(Self Portrait) by Robbie McIntosh

Mask - Mamiya by Gowiththe Flo

Slightly Peculiar by Kate Pulley

Untitled by Robert S-Punkt

Empty, is what you'll see by zero239

white mask by gguillaumee

Will you join me?? >:) by The Dealio

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