Monday, July 21, 2014

Lovely Film Photography by Caroline Sauvage

Caroline Sauvage, a 26 year-old French film photographer, based-in Lille, is a bike-o-holic graphic designer. She started shooting film for one and a half year ago after using a DSLR camera for many years. "I bought my first film camera, the amazing Canon AE-1 Program. It was a real crush and has completely changed my way of taking pictures. I found what I liked and unsurprisingly I adopted other film cameras lately and I can't live without them now."

Caroline loves photographing simply things in her life "that make me happy and feeling good. Like a hike in the mountains, a good meal cooked by my love, a new tattoo under my skin, happy memories that I don't want to short: Simple things that make me feel alive." She says.

Caroline, also known as Hello i'm Wild ! on Flickr, who was featured once on our website over 1 year ago not dare to show her photos in previous years until she's loved shooting film, "I really love sharing my film photography diary with the analogue lovers, their support means a lot to me. Moreover, I prefer to buy film rather than megapixels, it will never die." She adds.

Now let's see her work by her some analogue photos which were chosen from Caroline's Flickr.

See more of her work at:

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