Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jane Minina - 5 things I love about Film

Jane Minina, a 28 year-old Russian film photographer, based-in St.Petersburg, is a huge fan of analogue photography. She shoots mostly about portrait by her medium format cameras.

Jane was featured on shootingfilm's website 2 weeks ago and now we bring her back with her some reasons why she's still loved shooting film.

1. Film is magical. Always with trepidation from taking to developing films. Wait and expect magical results.

2. I like to consciously build a frame & focus all the smallest details.

3. I love my old Rolleiflex camera, he's my grandfather (65 years old), but still in great shape.

4. Color, grain, depth of field, bokeh  are all the reasons why I love to use film and film cameras.

5. It's interesting to catch the surprised looks of passers by shooting film.

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