Tuesday, July 8, 2014

International Kodak Film Photography Day 2014!

Kodak had the first of these events last year and it was a great success. Over 100 people joined their group on Flickr at very short notice and some great photographs were taken on the day. So, they're doing it again this year...

Photo by Eddy WU

The basic rules are the same - help celebrate George Eastman's 160th birthday by creating photographs using at least one Kodak film photography product (e.g. camera, film, developer, photographic paper, etc.) and tagging them appropriately and uploading them to the pool. If you prefer, you can put this information in the Title and/or Description. As well as tagging your photographs with the Kodak film product used, you can also help the admins moderate the pool by adding the following tag for this event: IKFPD2014.

This year, the event will take place on Saturday 12th (George Eastman's birthday) and Sunday 13th July 2014. That should give everybody enough time to do what they've got to do at the weekend and shoot some film!

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