Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hacking 35mm Film into a Medium Format Body

Nowaday medium format film is getting harder to find, and can be quite expensive to develop. But what if you own a medium format camera that you want to use? You can still use them with 35mm film if you can manage to load 35mm film into a 120 spool. And here, below is a great method made by Kevin Parratt that will help you can still shoot with your favorite medium format camera.

The first image shows the 35mm spool adapter in it's finished state. It was made fairly quickly, with moderate care taken. You can see that it's a bit rough, but with this as a 'prototype', I was really just testing viability of the idea.

35mm film adapter ready to load.

Ready to begin the operation.

The idea is to simply cut off the two ends of the roll-film spool.
Use a sharp knife and a steady hand on a firm surface.

The first end removed.

Place it next to the end of the 35mm film cartridge, and observe how you will need to fashion the adapter... make it fit.

Be careful not to make the ends too short, because it is easy to adjust the fit by gradually removing more as required. Otherwise you will need to start again if too much was cut off to begin with.

Carefully measuring for further cutting

With the film loaded, it was immediately obvious that film curl was a problem to solve.

The film loaded but with more work to do.

So here is the finished job. Two small pieces of stiff card held in place with tape helped to reduce the curl. But it may also be obvious that the film is off-center. This was not intended. I did realise part of the way through the cutting process that I had not measured properly to allow for the asymmetric 35 cartridge design. This could actually be used to effect as a 'lens-shift' alternative. The Linhof Technorama 612 pc II employs exactly this design principle. (

Kevin Parratt's Hasselblad 35mm adapter - ready to go.

*Images and text by Kevin Parratt, this method is original published on here.

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