Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Funny Bicycles by Analogue Photos

Funny bicycles are bicycles which were broken, bent or have some funny shapes. They make us smile, also laugh loudly when seeing. And hereafter are some analogue photos of them.

(near) Hard Times (Cafe), Minneapolis, MN by scurvy_knaves

Untitled by lucie camp

Bend of time by Poisson soluble au revelateur de lumiere

Untitled by Levi Mandel (sea kay)

trike. venice beach, ca. 2011. by eyetwist

hit parade // autodystopia // #14 by // Robert Herrmann

Untitled by Scott_Henry

Bicycle Swallowed by Tree by Leacyy

Bicycle Still-Life by jesalonen2010

caked in dust by gabo_

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1 comment :

  1. hahaha could have been your idea. I think the bike is not just a cute, but weird and antique bike