Saturday, July 5, 2014

Buster Adams - 5 things I love about Film

Buster Adams is a 28 year-old French film photographer, based-in Paris. He started shooting film at 13 with his father's Olympus OM10 camera and was featured on our website once. Today he came back and shared with us 5 reasons why he has still loved shooting film.

1. Not knowing. Even after years of practicing, and growing your skills, there’s always a 'You never know' floating somewhere in your mind. But as long as you accept it you’ll be ok.

2. Rarity. When you only have from 12 to 36 frames on a film roll, every shot is meaningful. And it helps to figure out what’s the most important. You have to take a decision and to be sure about what you do.

3. Imperfection. I’m not good enough to process my own films, and some of them are expired. Most of the time I’m not sure how it was stocked. So when I get my pictures back from the lab, every picture also has its imperfection, and I love the way it is singular.

4. Ephemeral. When I shoot film today, I’m somehow feeling that it will not last, that some day companies will stop producing film. And it makes me love it more.

5. History. Whether you want it or not, there’s history in every camera, every film. And keeping using these is a way to keep it alive, and continue these stories.

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