Friday, July 4, 2014

Black and White Film Photography by Nóra Barabás

Nóra Barabás is a Hungarian photographer, based-in Szeged. She loves travelling and photographing people everywhere. Photography is always a part of her life and her inspiration also comes from music.

Nóra uses both film and digital cameras and most of her photos are about portrait in black and white. "My work has ever been exhibited in Wales, UK," and let's see what they wrote about her photography to understand her work more clearly.
"Nóra Barabás's photography is dominated by images rendering how different emotional states affect our perception of the world, and how the external realities impact our feelings. Her photographs are highly contemplative, often exploring the question of isolation - not only in its negative context, but as an important force shaping human self-awareness.

Colours rarely appear in Nóra’s images; her favourite form of self-expression is black and white photography as she finds that colouristic minimalism helps her focus on understanding her subjects. Her work covers a variety of techniques, including multiple and double exposure, sunprint, collage, as well as analogue and digital overlays.
Nóra often collaborates with other photographers creating original images and diptychs, putting hers and other artists’ work in new frames or a dialogue."
Today, Nóra shared with us some black and white film images of Paris where she has been to.

See more of her work at her website

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