Friday, July 18, 2014

Beautiful Nemophila Flowers by Analogue Photos

Nemophila is a genus found in the flowering plant family Hydrophyllaceae. Most of the species in Nemophila contain the phrase "baby blue-eyes" in their common names.

Nemophila species are mainly native to the western United States, though some species are also found in western Canada and Mexico, and in the southeastern United States.

Hereunder are some beautiful analogue photos of Nemophila flowers.

*nemophila by fangchun15

Nemophila by chatte blanche

Untitled by u*yam

Untitled by gracias!

Nemophila by megusuke65

Nemophila blue 2011 by

sky-blue by joytrip*

spring by yokko..

Nemophilas,Hitachi Seaside Park,Ibaraki Prefecture(ネモフィラの丘,国営ひたち海浜公園,茨城県) by Kinhaku

Nemophila by _miqqi

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