Sunday, July 13, 2014

Analogue Photos of Old Trains

An old train is the train which was produced from tens year to hundreds years has run by motor or air-water engines. It has an old locomotive with several simply attached railway cars.

Nowaday some of old trains were used for exhibition, another ones have still run for short-road travelling and we often see them almost by images. After analogue photos will show few kinds of old trains.

The Wizards Express by Steaming5043

Morning coal by Garter Blue

West Country Pacific 34070 Manston on the Severn Valley Railway by peter.brabham

Stanier Class 5 Black Five 5MT 44925 ex LMS British Railways early livery leaving Edinburgh Waverley early 1950s by Patrick_Glesca

Gresley N2 1744 & Locomotive No. 88, Williton, 2nd October 2011. by OG47

5233 and 7557 Trent 30Jun73 by david.hayes77

Steam locomotive 555.3008 blasts with it´s freight train through the Tatra mountains by Frühtau

Leaside Job by belleville 203

Susie-Q in Charm City 1989 by The Mastadon

Miroszka - Małachowo by pedro4d

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