Thursday, July 17, 2014

Analogue Photos of Music Crazy Fans

A music crazy fan is a person who loves any kinds of music (pop, rock, jazz...) so much, always has some excitement activities when seeing and listening to.

Music crazy fans are often seen at rock live shows or live performances of famous singers and here are a few of analogue photos of them.

Tim Festival 2007 @ Rio - Killers by vivoandando

The Roger Young by Cam Warthan

The Casualties by Ladyladyladyy

Metropolis Festival Rotterdam '09 by Jesper ツ

untitled by der_triton

Trapped Under Ice by andradeXcobain

The AP Tour @ The Intersection 11.18.12 by Anthony Norkus Photography

Crowd Surfing by Justin Friesen

Summer Stampede by Kym Ellis

Awesome Sound by Buck Lewis

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