Sunday, July 6, 2014

Analogue Images of Old Water Faucets

Water faucet is a device controlling release of water which is found out everywhere from houses to public places. There are many kinds of water faucets and they are made to get more and more modern.

And hereunder we want to deal with analogue images of old water faucets which were chosen from Flickr's photos.

Faucet by dennisfen

Faucet Spray by The 4/30 Murders

faucet by noicework

tap that by t. magnum

... by capn.trev

The Faucet of my Fingers by Faucet Fingers

Faucets by b.keelerfoster

faucet by Andrew :-)

Faucets at Big Thunder Ranch by dualdflipflop

Rust Water by Caleb Jenkins

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