Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amazing Coincidence! Photo Taken at Same Time and Place as in a Scene from 'Vertigo'

Vertigo is an American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. By amazing coincidence, it seems that a photographer with a camera being in the same place at around the same time when the film was shot in San Francisco, California in 1957. The photograph shows almost exact the same scene from the movie with the same cars lined up along the curb.

Screenshot from the movie via Petapixel

Street scene of San Francisco via Shorpy

Accrording to PetaPixel, the story began over at the vintage photography blog Shorpy, where a member named Ron Yungul submitted a vintage photograph that was captured by his late father on the hills of San Francisco in August, 1957. The photograph was taken by using a Contax camera and Kodachrome film. The Bay Bridge can clearly be seen in the background.

Compare the two shots a little more closely, PetaPixel pointed out that "Yungul’s father must have captured his photograph within minutes of Hitchcock passing by and shooting his."

(Streets of San Francisco: 1957 / Shorpy, via PetaPixel)

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