Friday, June 20, 2014

Working Process with 1990 Expired Svema CO 50D Film Roll by Kaarel Vandler

Kaarel Vandler, a 19 year-old Estonian film photographer, is a student who has just graduated from high school. He started shooting film only over 1 year ago. Most of his film cameras and photographic eqipments were owned from his father who was also a professional film photographer based-in the Soviet Union.

Kaarel uses Zenit 11 and Lomo Smena Symbol as his two main cameras and loves photographing his best friendsThe reasons that made him love shooting film are "the excitement while waiting my prints and the analogue photography with film cameras."

Today Kaarel Vandler shared with us his working process with Svema CO 50D film roll which was expired from December 1990 and also pictures of it.

"I bought this Svema CO 50D roll in an internet auction cost about 3 euros. I asked the way it had been stored, the seller answered that he did'nt know exactly and maybe in a wardrobe or in a basement. So, I thought I should give it a try."

"When I received it, I read at the package that it expired in December 1990, it's amazing but I was afraid of how to make developing process."

"I searched on Google and found that this film requires special developing chemicals and cannot be C-41 processed. It should be color reversal film. But I read in the forums that if it is processed with regular E-6 chemicals, it will ruin the negative. Is it true or shouldn't worry about that because I just had C-41 in my local lab?"

"I asked some people, also found out the way to develop it but nothing. And I thought I had to try with my C-41 developing process normally. Most of my pictures of this roll I shot outside to make sure that they had enough light. And the result made me satisfy"

See more of his work at his Tumblr

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