Friday, June 27, 2014

Surreal Photography by Paul Nougé

Surreal photography was born out of the surrealist art movement in the early twentieth century based on the philosophy embodied in André Breton's 'La Révolution Surréaliste' of 1924. From Paris, surrealism spread to the UK and throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. In surreal images, there is always an element of surprise as objects, people, landscapes are assembled in a way that is non-rational or dream-like.

Surrealism was popularised through painting in particular but there were also many surreal artists who created surreal photos to express their philosophy.

Paul Nougé (Belgian, 1895 - 1967) was a friend of René Magritte, the famous Belgian surreal artist, and is considered a highly influential member of the Belgian surrealist movement. He was also a poet and theorist. He created 19 surreal photographs in 1929/1930 which were published in 1968 entitled 'Subversion of the Images'. Here's a selection of his amazing work from between 1929 and 1930.

Paul Nougé, The Revealing Arm, 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The Juggler, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The birds are following you, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The depth of sleep, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The Harvests of Sleep, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The Clairvoyants, 1930

Paul Nougé, Coat suspended in space, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, The birth of the object, c. 1929-1930

Paul Nougé

Paul Nougé, Magnetic table, 1929-1930

Paul Nougé, Cut eyelash, 1929

Paul Nougé, Woman frightened by string, 1929

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