Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slums Everywhere by Analogue Images

A slum is a heavily populated urban informal settlement characterized by substandard housing and squalor. While slums differ in size and other characteristics from country to country, most lack reliable sanitation services, supply of clean water, reliable electricity, timely law enforcement and other basic services. Slum residences vary from shanty houses to professionally-built dwellings that because of poor-quality design or construction have deteriorated into slums.

Slums form and grow in many different parts of the world for many different reasons. Some causes include rapid rural-to-urban migration, economic stagnation and depression, high unemployment, poverty, informal economy, poor planning, politics, natural disasters and social conflicts.

Hereunder are some analogue images of  poor people who live in slums all over the world.

A slum in Manila, Philippines. Photo by litrato101.

Dancing in a slum in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Photo by notmerely.

A little girl was walking with her smile in a slum in Nairobi in Kenya. Photo by deadstock1980.

A little boy was looking from his hovel in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by BatulTheGreat.

People after a fire in a slum in Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo by BatulTheGreat.

An old tenement in Manhattan, New York. Photo by Roberto Novicini.

Two men were having a bath behind their kennel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo by JC.Murphy.

A slum near by the sea in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo by The Divine Miss M.

A slum in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Austin Burbridge.

A boy was making his living in dirty water flow in Manila, Philippines. Photo by darkcanopy.

Children were having a bath near railway in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Jeremy M Coleman.

A slum in Monterrey, Mexico. Photo by S.Coleman / Ouriana.

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