Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pictures of Pickles the Dog Poses for Photographers in 1966

David Corbett with his dog
Pickles was a black and white Collie dog renowned for his role in finding the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy in 1966. According to Wikipedia, the trophy had been stolen during a rare public stamp exhibition at Westminster Central Hall, on the afternoon of Sunday 20 March, just four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England was scheduled to kick-off. The thief ignored rare stamps with a value of £3 million to steal the trophy which was worth far less. Police received a £15,000 ransom demand. However, when they arrested the culprit, he turned out to be a hoaxer. The trophy was found just seven days later wrapped in newspaper at the bottom of a suburban garden hedge in Beulah Hill, South Norwood, South London, by Pickles while taking a walk with his owner David Corbett.

Below are two pictures of Pickles poses for photographers near the spot in Norwood, London, where he found the trophy.

Image: Central Press/Getty Images

Image: Corbis

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