Thursday, June 26, 2014

Penny Felts - 5 things I love about Film

Penny Felts is an American instant film photographer, based-in Nashville, Tennessee. She was featured once on our website few days ago and today she came back to share with us 5 reasons why she has still loves shooting film.

1. Tangibility. I love that I can hold it in my hands. It seems that there is proof of what you shot.

2. Grain. The grainier the better. Especially with black and white 120mm film. It makes it look like pointillist art at some points.

3. Softness. Of course with instant film, I love the soft creaminess of it.

4. Development. Either instant or traditional film, I love watching it develop. In my hand or in a tray, it doesn't matter, every time I see it, it is magical to me.

5. Flaws. Call me crazy, but I love scratches, fingerprints, dust, and development flaws. It just feels more like life to me…imperfect.

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  1. Oly Pen, Smena and Rollei 35 are not rangefinders (I could be looking at the wrong part of each photo :))