Saturday, June 7, 2014

Magical Polaroid Photography by Chris de Block

Chris de Block is a 41 year-old Belgian Polaroid photographer, based-in Antwerp and working at the financial department of a Belgian fashion designer. For her, Polaroid photography is a nice alternation from her daytime job.

"I find my inspiration in simplicity, nature, mother and childhood, but mainly in everyday life. Things, thoughts, and memories that come to mind. Creating a world of reality, or fantasy." She says.

Chris, also known as Sleepy Jeane on Flickr, started photographing with a polaroid 3000 camera, which used to belong to her father a few years ago. "Recently I discovered the instant lab, which I now uses most, making it more able to create double exposures or mixing film photography with other media." She adds.

As from 2014, she is one of the new members of the “12.12 Project”.

And here are some chosen Polaroid film photos of her work.

See more of her work at:

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