Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kiss Me for a While

There are many adjectives to describe emotion of kisses. For the first kiss, they are clumsy, hesitant, needy, intoxicated... but the after kisses, the emotion is often satisfiable.

Kisses are also the most useful equipment that a person who can express one's love to another one. But They are not just for people.

Now let's see some analogue images about "Kiss me for a while" by lovely animals.

kissing cats (2002) by andrewXu

Kissing Pigeons? by gunn13

diapo02 by Marmalade Girl

sweet boys by timeless1231

Give me a kiss by FL 137

yes...在找我吗? by Alicia Lim

Give Me A kiss by howardj47

Elephant Eskimo Kiss by Wilsontrips

Kiss Me by AYAKAT

Shall we Kiss? by Vincentli*

Kiss by nailmaker

duck kiss (sorta) by truck stop tea party

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