Sunday, June 15, 2014

Incredible Lomography by Toby Mason

Toby Mason is a 39 year-old English lomographer, living in Brighton, on the south coast of England where is a great place to be a photographer. He has recently married to Jess, with a two year old son, and an eight year old step-son.

"Through photography, I have become far more aware of the beauty in the world around us, and I enjoy trying to capture a little of this." He says of his work. "I like scenes and environments which evoke a sense of atmosphere, and which can perhaps lead to a cinematic feel to my images."

Toby Mason, also known as fotobes on Flickr, mostly uses a Lomo LC-A camera as his mainly photographic equipment and loves working with cross processing. "This wonderful 35mm compact camera is perfect for capturing light in hidden corners of cities, deserted underground stations, and Brighton beach throughout the year. It is small enough to fit in my pocket, so i never need miss a moment." He continues.

Mason's photographs are often about real scenes, with real people, imperfections and all and most of them are multiple exposure.

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