Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Graceful Cat in the Mirror by Analogue Photos

Cat is  not only a lovely pet but also knows to prettify when in front of the mirror. Now let's see some analogue photos of these graceful cats.

365 on film 2011 01 22 - #000 by DavyRocket

ZI Heidi Mirror 6 by Andy Reaser

Cat in the mirror by paranoidcat

Mirror Mirror, Again. by [D.Jiang]

Konstantine by Kristina Krasilnikova

patty-cake by poopoorama

Vanity by Dindins and the Jacket Potato

i love dreaming by CoCoKa

Percetion by Mind Experience

en los otros mundos by brunostecconi

Who is the cat I see? by doistrakh

I need Avatar by cigarex

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