Saturday, June 7, 2014

Giulia Bersani - 5 things I love about Film

Giulia Bersani, a 21 year-old Italian artist, is a fashion photographer based-in Milan. She loves shooting with film cameras only and started photographing 3 years ago.

Today Giulia told us 5 attractive things of shooting film which are the reasons why she has still loved about film.

1. The smell of film is really strong, chemical but fascinating and with digital you won't have any particular smell to associate to your photographic passion.

2. You don't have to show all your photos suddenly to models. You have time to look at them by yourself, select them, adjust them as you want.

3. You can be more flexible with the exposure and make some light experiments; even if overexposed the photo can be interesting.

4. Films look somehow like candies; they are little, cute with their little boxes, you always have some of them in the bag for emergencies.

5. Once you finally see the photos, after some days, the moment of the shooting is far so it's like a present to live it again through the photos you took and you were waiting for.

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