Sunday, June 29, 2014

Film Photography by Shikha Makan

Shikha Makan, an Indian photographer, is a story teller also a film maker, based-in Mumbai. She has loved shooting film for 10 years "when I saw an image from our college trip, shot by a friend on a Canon SLR."

Shikha was besotted by film photos, so "I worked hard, doing part time jobs to own a SLR camera, my Canon A1 with a 55mm 1.2 lens." She always looks for a little story in a frame, loves shooting portrait but this time she has been trying to focus in Indian landscape, especially the sun in black and white.

Hereafter are some beautiful analogue photos of Indian landscape which were shot by her Nikon F3 camera with 16-35mm lens and Kodak TMAX 100 film.

See more of her work at her photostream on Flickr.

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