Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beautiful Prague of 1975

Roel van der List is a journalist and photographer based-in Wessem, Netherlands. He started taking photographs when he was 12 years old. "My father teached me how to used his 1939 Zeiss Ikoflex 3 camera with a big mirror (used for the Albada viewfinder)," he says. "So he taught me the basics of photography and I got the first opportunity to press the shutter of his Zeiss."

"Nowadays I use both digital and analog. A Nikon D3 does the digital job, sometimes a Kodak DCS 760 (digital Nikon F5). Analog is done with Mamiya C330s, RB 67 Pro Sd and RZ 67 Pro II. For 3D photography both -digital and analog- are used. Epson and Flextight scanners are used to digitise." - He says of his work.

In 1975, Roel travelled through the east of Europe with a group of his friends. Their route went from Roermond in the Netherlands to Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Athens, Delphi, Patras, then with the boat to the south of Italy: Brindisi, next to Naples, Rome, Florence and then back to home. He also carried his father's camera Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex 3 through the trip and took some of beatiful photos by using Kodak Ektachrome slide film. And below, we selected a collection of beautiful colour photos of Prague from Roel's trip in 1975.

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