Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attractive Spiral Staircases by Film

"Spiral staircase going down, paint your body red and brown
 On our knees we'll feast on a sex show
 Spiral staircase spiral staircase"
- Kings of Leon
Hereafter are twelve images of attractive staircases which were shot by film cameras.

10200 - Double-Helix Spiral Stairs by loupiote (Old Skool) pro

Siegessaüle, Berlin, 2009 by singlecoated

rookery stairs by fotofish

Spiralling by *Bang Bang Boy*

downward spiral by dfrtn

Cargol [Explore!] by Salva G.

Sagrada spiral by rob orchard

The Ramada Leicester Stairs by stefanhaubold

Spiral by Georgie_grrl

M.C. Escher by Kevin-Horn

caracol by patorayado

Spiral by slightly-less-random

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