Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Candid Shots of New York Subways by Steven Siegel

Steven Siegel is a veteran film photographer, based-in Bergen County, New Jersey, USA. He has shot over 30 years and most of his photos are about street scenes in New York from the 80s to now.

Steven has a lot of amazing albums on Flickr and we have ever featured one of them (the "New York in the 80s" album). And now we will feature an other one called "New York Subways".
"These are some more-or-less traditional documentary views of the New York subway taken over the past several decades. Also included are photos taken in a subway car scrapyard." - He told.
 Hereunder are some photos which were chosen from his "New York Subways" album.

See more of his work at his Flickr photostream.

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