Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wonderful Beach Photos by Lomo LC-A Camera

Beach is one of the most beautiful lanscapes on over the word. It is not a very good place for relaxing but also where people often save their beautiful sights and memories by taking photos.

And hereunder is fifteen wonderful beach photos which were shot by Lomo LC-A camera.

Beach dreams by fotobes

Sunrise by saviorjosh

pink sunset by lomokev

sea swing by bismo080's photo

Lomo LC-A Virgin by Conway L.

Cocina LOMO by Filth215

Two People by doctor.boogie

Woolacombe beach, North… by 'Chris'

Beach by waltzcore

Un Dia de Agosto by fugasmentales

deep in thought by Loulou H

Set twice by lissyloola

Sunset (yellows) by libicocco

croc girl with kite by MrLomo

Untitled by tikayiyay

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