Monday, May 19, 2014

Suji Park - 5 things I love about Film

Suji Park is a 24 year old photographer from South Korea. She works between Korea and France. She first studied Marketing in USA, "however, I decided to do what I love most in life —photography," she says. "So as now, I’m just starting a new chapter in my life." We featured her beautiful work on film photography months ago. And today, here are 5 reasons why she still shoots film.

1. The curiosity. While finishing a roll, my heart is full of curiosity and expectations. 1 hour of developing films is a magical time for me and I always get thrilled to see final results.

2. The accident. Sometimes shots do not turn out as expected. There might be light leaks or accidental double exposures. These bring me beautiful surprises.

3. The negative. I love that film leaves hard proof. Unlike photos taken by digital cameras, negative is something I can actually hold in my hands and store in physical places.

4. The history. Most analog cameras now are old and used ones. They may have passed down from generation to generation. When I use my father’s camera, I imagine times it went through and moments it captured. I feel like it is a valuable inheritance that connects me with old times.

5. Time and effort. When using analog cameras, it happens that I take a lot of time for only one shot. I wait for right time for good lighting and I check every setting for the best shot. It makes photos more meaningful and precious to me.

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