Sunday, May 18, 2014

Street Life in Tokyo by Dave Powell

Dave Powell is a blogger and photography behind the site ShootTokyo originally from Boston, Massachusetts but his professional life has lead him from Boston to New York City, Singapore finally landing him in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. "I live in the heart of Tokyo with my beautiful wife Mayumi, our 8 year old son Kai and his growing collection of insects." - Dave says.

"Photography is an outlet from an otherwise busy and sometimes stressful life," he adds. "I primarily shoot Leica M digital and film range finders as well as a Hasselblad. I work in Technology and I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to travel around the world which is great for my photography."

"I started shooting film about 2 years ago and love how it slows me down and makes me really think hard about the images I am taking. Some of my best images in the last few years were captured on film."

He recent decided to create a photography book based on his photography and launched a Kickstarter. "I am overwhelmed with the response I have had in the first few days. I would highly recommend all photographers to take this step if you haven't yet."

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