Saturday, May 24, 2014

Amazing Multiple Exposures from 'RoidWeek 2014

Roid Week is one of the biggest instant film events of the year, where instant film lovers gather on Flickr and share their magic and beautiful work of instant photography.

'RoidWeek 2014 was May 19th through May 23rd and has just ended.

And hereafter are fifteen amazing multiple exposure photos of it.

Roid Week #6 (Double Exposure) by jeff.sutera

Untitled by Ixchel Lara

Africa Sunset + Lion + Instant Lab double exposure by roostercoupon

Electric Blue Monday by Carny_

Mother Nature by jwlalo

Second. by Ashley R. Good

pale blue by dustbowl ugly

Untitled by mister sullivan

POLAROID WEEK 2014/10 by The Gentleman Amateur

How do I grasp reality when I don't have an identity? by benjaflynn

Untitled by mikelanst

self and lilacs :: double exposure by meghan davidson

Candice by

I left my heart(s) in Paris, 'Roid week Day 3, No. 1 by Rhiannon Adam

better in the dark by amysgster

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