Sunday, May 18, 2014

More of 4 Creative Ways to Shoot Double Exposure with Film

A double exposure is exposing the film twice with two different images and can be easily done by using the multiple exposure option on your film cameras. It is something most of us who ever had a film camera experienced at least once. By accident. It happened when the film got stuck, or when we used a used film again by mistake. Nowaday, double exposure in photography becomes increasingly popular. With double exposure technique, you can create amazing effects. Beside shooting double exposure normal with film by rewind each frame of the roll, here are another 4 creative ways to shoot double exposure.

Shooting a whole roll of your film with a subject, and then rewind the film and shot the second layer of other subject. Example portraits, buildings or silhouettes vs. textures.

Photo by Neil

Swapping film with other film photographers by shooting a whole roll and then rewind the film and send it to your buddy.

Photo by atria007

Double exposing both sides of the film by load your film and shoot the whole roll as usual. Pull all the film out of the canister in a completely dark environment. Flip the film over, and tape the film back together. Roll the film back into the canister, and shoot the roll again.

Photo by hodachrome

Split your images. There are inexpensive lens attachments (such as the splitzer for LomoLC-A+ camera) or you can cut your extra lens cap in half or make your own.

Photo by Leopold

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