Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flickr Samplr #37: Blurry

When we hear blurry photo we immediately think bad photograph, that is not always the case. Using blur intentionally can add mood, style and softness to a photograph. Here are some examples of beautiful blurry photos from our Flickr group.

Pentax P30t HP5 400 Adonal 1+100 stand by YAYOBOY.COM

untitled by sleep, dream

There Will Be a Way II by sicknessclown

untitled by Nino Kochakidze

Dragging Time by Daniel Polidori

untitled by Celeste Ortiz

Bastia Umbra by p1r0 (Ludovico Poggioli)

28 by hollyapl

Round the hood with the Buddy of mine 10 by Milos Gazdic

home.europe by ceh_a

Lack of air by Punkroyaltiger

untitled by Lost In Transition Project

the kiss by thewhitestdogalive

Untitled by DavidPato

Northern lights by Johannes Huwe

blur by _Tô

untitled by Mariya Ustymenko

Loosing by My . December

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