Monday, May 12, 2014

"Absence of Being" by Abhishek Dasgupta

Abhishek Dasgupta is a photographer originally from India but living and currently working in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the last 2 years. Photography has never been his passion until Dasgupta came to USA where he found a DSLR in the hands of each and every friend of his. "DSLRs are considered luxuries of the rich in my country at my condition," he says. "Being intrigued and having earned enough in USA, I bought one and started photographing about a year back. A whole new world opened infront of me!"

"However, in a few days, I could realize that constant fiddling with the LCD and taking hundreds of pictures no where brought me even close to what I felt at the very moment of photographing. Soon I started to look beyond digital aspects and jumped into Analog bandwagon with a Nikon FM2 . The passion started to grow bigger and stronger for analog mediums and ultimately I ended up with a Hasselblad 500 CM. My vision changed, my mind was somewhat filled with enjoyment just to see the scene in a WLF viewfinder, the sound of the shutter even created a delightful melody." - Dasgupta adds.

The work is all very personal named "Absence of Being", a story made out of the lives of his best friends - Vardhaman and his wife Khushi while they lived in Minnesota. As a young novice amateur in photography and seeking every possible avenue to find his own vision, "I started photographing my friends as they were the easiest and free of cost models I could afford. Documenting some insignificant moments of their married lives as days went by. Now that my friends returned back to India , I am left only but with the photographs of these insignificant moments. These photographs now present me with stories untold, questions unraised , feelings unheard and emotions unseen . It is as if through these photographs that my friends still remain part of everyday life helping me in my eternal search of my personal vision."

"I strongly believe that I couldn't have ever connected with my subjects if it had not been for analog cameras. It makes you think hard enough before you click the shutter. It actually puts souls in your pictures which otherwise seem fleeting in digital world."

You can find more of Dasgupta's work on his Flickr photostream.

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