Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunny16 - A Fun and Easy to Use Exposure Calculator App

In photography, the Sunny 16 rule is a method of estimating correct daylight exposures without a light meter. The Sunny16 app is a fun and easy to use exposure calculator that implements the Sunny 16 exposure rule and then some. This app is ideal for anyone with a film or digital camera with an M (manual) mode who wants a quick tool to help set up the perfect exposure or anyone who wants to understand the relationships between the elements that create a properly exposed image.

Sunny16 features:
• Equivalent Exposures: see the full range of equivalent exposures (also known as reciprocal exposures) for any film speed under natural lighting conditions.
• Exposure Compensation: easily compensate +/- up to 5 stops for backlight or other common lighting conditions.
• Implicit Priority Modes: if you set the shutter speed and then change the ISO, the lighting condition, or the exposure compensation, the shutter speed will remain the same and the f/stop will change (shutter priority). And vice versa for aperture priority.
• Limits: if a particular shutter speed or f/stop is not available for the conditions you specify you won't be able to select it (you can try but the picker will politely roll back to a correct exposure).
• Stop Increment: full, 1/2, or 1/3 stops.
• Lighting: naturally occurring lighting conditions expressed in EV 100. Don't worry if you don't know or care what EV is, just use the descriptions.
• ISO: film speed from 6 to 102400.
• Shutter Speeds: from 1/16000 to 30"
• f/stops: from 1 to 32
You can find more information about the Sunny16 app on their website here or download this app on the iTunes Store for only $0.99.

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