Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stunning Medium Format Photographs of Golden Gate Bridge in Fog by Ian Chamberlain

Ian Chamberlain, aka RZ68 on Flickr, is a photographer based-in Santa Rosa, USA. He has been photographing since he was a child with 110 and 126 format film and "stepped up to 135 and Super 8 in junior high/high school," he says. "Then, in 98, I started photographing in medium (6x7cm) and large formats (4x5) and have stayed with it after never finding a better method or medium."

"My favorite films are Fuji Velvia 100, 50, T-64 (tungsten-balanced), and the Kodak "E100" line. The T-64 is my favorite night photography emulsion and has excellent exposure latitude. Tri-X Pan and Neopan are the B&W films I prefer."

Below is a selection of amazing photographs of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in fog were taken by Chamberlain from 2010-2013, showing the many faces of that nebulous and enchanting thing we call fog.

See more of Chamberlain's beautiful work on his Flickr photostream here.

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