Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring has come!

In Japan, spring starts with the Sakura, cherry blossom, blooming. The season where people gather to experience the beauty and scent of Sakura has finally began. Below is a selection of beautiful analog photos of the bloom of Sakura were taken in spring 2014.

sakura by kAz_55

765 by kajico**

CLEAR by Nina_Ninana

Kōraku-en, Okayama by mlisowsk

room without a roof... by bodiegroup

St James Park in Bloom by Cris Ward

cherry blossom by atsushi_ishiji

How a strange land lies by Zeb Andrews

+* by k♫

寒緋桜 by t_mimizuk

川津桜Sakura【645 Film ver.】_020160004 by tobi911

SAKURA-桜- by nob_wonder

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