Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Photographers at Work in the Past

Flickr's user Steve Given has collected amazing and interesting vintage photographs in his photo album titled "Photographers at Work". The photographs showing how photographers worked in the past different than today with their old cameras from folding cameras to large cameras and some very long or big lenses that you might never seen before.

Twins, LaVona and LaVelda Rowe were press photographers for the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper. This obviously promotional image of the ladies with their Graflex cameras was taken in February 1961.

A great looking setup to achieve astrophotography, using a Kodak folding camera and some very long lenses, in 1946.

A press photographer trying to tease an image from a bear enclosure inmate of the Brookfield Zoo in 1945.

French photographer on a beach with a very interested lad who one day might take on the role of a fashion photographer.

James Wong Howe working his cinemagraphic excellence on the film noir "Nora Prentiss" during February, 1946. Actress, Barbara London, and Director, Vincent Sherman, take an interest in James' viewfinder composition.

Aircraftsman Ron Jeffs of the Royal Australian Air Force undergoes training with a 10x8 Ansco view camera at the School of Photography, East Sale, Victoria, Australia, in 1949.

A trio of keen amateurs, perhaps doing a bit of train spotting in late 1920s.

American Air Force photographers load a Fairchild K-22 camera into the nose of a reconnaissance aircraft.

An Australian pioneering family, dressed in their 'Sunday Best', take time out for a small group photograph.

Margaret Truman, daughter of the former President, Harry S. Truman, displays her skills with a Graflex camera. She borrowed the camera from pressmen during a function at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago, Illinois, during September 1953.

A newsreel cameraman captures families at the Democratic National Convention held at the Hilton Hotel, Chicago, in July, 1952.

A group of Graflex wielding press photographers descend on a table bound model.

Press and Television corps at MacArthur Day commemorations in Chicago during the late 1940's. A battery of different cameras, including Arriflex and Mitchell movie cameras, and Graflex 'Big Bertha' cameras, are being operated by photographers and cameramen from NBC, and Chicago's WGN-TV, as well as the Chicago Sun Times.

While undergoing training, United States military photographers practice with the Graflex camera during May, 1944.

Please go here for more images of "Photographers at Work", or check out Steve Given's Flickr photostream to see more of his work.

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