Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Looking Through & Back" by Ken Stein

Ken Stein is a photographer based-in Brooklyn, New York. He has been taking photographs since 1979 and has worked as a staff photographer for newspapers in New York City, exhibited his street photography in galleries around the world and has recently begun to shoot weddings, theater, studio head shots, fashion editorial portfolio work, musical and belly dance performances on a regular basis.

His work as a photography teacher has been nationally recognized by a variety of educational and philanthropic organizations.

"Looking Through & Back" is a photo album featuring candid shots of daily life in NYC subways in the 1980s. The photographs are pulled out of storage from his slides and "it's like a portal back to my teenage years when I dreamed of going to art school to become a photojournalist."

All pictures were shot with different Canon FD lenses and either a Canon AE-1 (1980-82) or a F-1 (1983-89).

See more of Ken Stein's work on his website and his Flickr photostream.

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