Friday, April 4, 2014


The hippopotamus, or hippo, from the ancient Greek for "river horse", is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal in sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae (the other is the pygmy hippopotamus). After the elephant and rhinoceros, the hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal and the heaviest extant artiodactyl. Below is a selection of 12 analog photos of hippopotamus.

Botswana by PositiveAboutNegatives

Hippo's Garden by

happy hippo by Scenes from the life of a double monster

untitled by hashleymoto

56-510 by nick dewolf photo archive

Lily and Lupe by Neversmiling

GET ME TO THE WILDERNESS… by bocavermelha-l.b.

The other shot of the hippo by Tootallval

Hippos by

Surfacing! by photo_secessionist

Hiippo by NatalieTracy

Berlin 2009 CCLII - Hippo by __Daniele__

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