Friday, April 25, 2014

Girl with a Rangefinder

A rangefinder camera is a camera fitted with a rangefinder: a range-finding focusing mechanism allowing the photographer to measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus. The history of rangefinder cameras goes back to mid-20s of the last century when Oscar Barnack presented Leica A, the camera that started the era of 35-mm photography. Even now, almost more than 80 years later, rangefinder cameras still find their place in bags of many professional and amateur photographers for many reasons. Today we present a gallery featuring 12 interesting photos of girl with a rangefinder camera.

canonet_020 by mariczka

shiny by unexpectedtales

e l e g a n c e by neamoscou

filme.005.minolta.xgm.3.2012dez7 by Juliano Verardi |

untitled by sevgigürcan

self. by Agata Solyga

moi deux by AKproject

20131122_艾薇 by 左 撇子

untitled by Teófilo

1/52 - Camera by Fede*93

mirrored by dustbowl ugly

Lucia with a Rollei 35 by Duccio Pugliese (BrebFilm)

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