Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Film Photography by Benn Murhaaya

Benn Murhaaya is a freelance photographer based-in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been shooting for seven years now, with first analog experiments going back almost fourteen years. "I started using film, because I lacked the manual controls, depth of field... the technical things but over time I found a sheer pleasure in it," he says. "Film allows me to separate the shooting from viewing. I am not obstructing myself with the image on the rear screen or with stupid shooting modes. I found out that my analog cameas intrigue people and models. Whether I whip out my trusty workhorse Olympus OM-1 (which I feed some 100+ rolls of film a year, mostly a Kodak Trix rated at 1600) or a beasts like Mamiya RB67 or Linhof Technika, people generaly enjoy looking into these cameras, looking forward to see what comes out of them."

During 2008/2009 he worked as a party photographer for server Bigstyle, shooting up to 24 events a month. This was followed by a very brief period of shooting for From 2007 to 2013 he worked for - as a documentarist and internal photographer. He shot their shows as well as the procedures and results of various body modyfications. "For me, photographing is something inherent to my nature. I have to press the shutter and then wait for the picture to come up. The waiting part is what makes it so great," he adds. And here is a selection of Murhaaya's work:

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