Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"(De)construction of My City" by Rafael Bonilha

Rafael Bonilha is a 30 year old photographers who's living in Curitiba, a large city in the south of Brazil. (De)construction of My City is a photo project showing his city in an analogue way. He chose several sightseeing to take analogue photos using multiple-exposure technique, with many types of films and cameras. "I made a (de)construction of the images into fragments of my city’s popular places, and recreated new images with them," he says of his project. "The photos turned to be modernist and perhaps a bit abstract."

The photos he created are influenced by the modernist movement, and Geraldo de Barros, a famous modernist photographer in Brazil, who also uses images fragments to recreate new images.

"I chose analogue photography to the project because it gave me more freedom to experiment. The digital photography allows better control in shaping of images, thanks to sophisticated digital manipulation software. But on the other hand, the analogue process has the random factor, which are uncontrollable external variables that transform the image. So, even if you want, two analogue photos will never look the same. Moreover, the experimental analogue photography has the possibility to include other variables that influence the random outcome. For example: expired film, RedScale film , development at Caffenol (coffee, vitamin C and sodium carbonate) and cross-process."

Despite of the unpredictability of the results, the images were planned before taken. He tried to find the best angle, the lights and shape to created the image. The cameras he used in this project were Canon AE-1 and Lomo LCA + RL. "At the moment I'm more focus on develop analogues projects, like this (De)construction of My City."

See more of Rafael Bonilha's work on his Lomographic homepage.

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