Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beautiful Swans

One of the most beautiful birds in the world, swans belong to its genus Cygnus. They may float in water too like ducks and geese but they are birds so beautiful belonging to the family Anatidae. Swans usually mate for life, though 'divorce' does sometimes occur, particularly following nesting failure. And if a mate dies, or is killed by a predator, the remaining mate will take up with another; however, if all goes well in the pairing, they indeed will stay together for life.

Swans by Tara Holland

u g l y d u c k l i n g by neamoscou

untitled by Richard Stewart James Gaston

1262 by

Swans and Ducks by Canon IIf

the path home (flood) by sara.robin

swan lake I by saksak

swan by Mazerrack

SWANS by loydyoo

Swan lake by Christoph Christoph

Swan Love by jlabianca

swan grain by ooitch

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