Monday, April 14, 2014

Angelo Bonini - 5 things I love about Film

Angelo Bonini is a 17 year old photographer from south of Brazil. His passion for photography began at the age of 7, and at that time, the digital still hadn't popularized (at least at where he was living), so his first experiences were with analog. "Until today I love my images that I have captured with a Yashica camera from my mother," he says. "After 9 years, I returned to shoot with the same Yashica, and now I have more analogue cameras. That's why I'm here to talk about why I came back to analog photography."

1. You really learn to shoot. Through a digital display is all very easy. With analog, you test yourself as a photographer. You need to know the settings for each scene, and if you don't know configure, will happen the second thing I'll say.

2. Errors are converted into hits. Light leaks, among other things you haven't programmed. Burned films and surprises that leave you more and more in love with this universe. The surprise and the fact that photo's results go far beyond the original intention.

3. The true picture of nostalgia. The thing that brings me the perfect mystery of reliving past times that I want in my work.

4. Friendship. People of digital photographs, most often, are very boring. They fight between brands and care so much about image quality, they love clean and imaging techniques, which sickens me. The film's photographers tend to be more sensitive. I feel around people who really fighting for the same cause: to revive and shoot, and not be competing to see who gets the best image quality.

5. Durability and beauty. How my grandmother says to me: everything that's old lasts longer. She's right! These "small" machines are much more durable and can hold a lot of potential. By the way, they're also the most beautiful.

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