Monday, March 24, 2014

Wonderful Colour Photographs by Fred Herzog From Between the 1950s to 1970s

Born in 1930, Fred Herzog immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1953. He had become interested in photography as a young man in Germany. According to TIME, Herzog brought his first camera in 1950 when he was 20 years old and began shooting black-and-white pictures in his native Germany. Two years later, in search of work, Herzog traveled to Canada, eventually settling in Vancouve. He shot his first roll of colour film shortly after he arrived in Vancouver and began taking photographs in downtown streets and working class neighbourhoods.
""In 1957, I became a medical photographer, and almost at the same time, I became a serious documentary photographer. The reason I chose documentary photography- I had great fun walking around the old streets of Vancouver, looking at the second-hand stores, the people and the signs. To me, that was a kind of vitality that spoke to me directly."
Herzog's images show the character of the people and scenes of the urban landscape. He was not interested in posing his photographs, but rather in capturing moments in time as people went about their own private business, seemingly unaware of the photographer. Herzog was one of the first photographers in Canada to use colour film.

Foot of Main, 1968

Red Stockings,1961

Diefenbaker, 1962

New Pontiac, 1957

Granville Street from Granville Bridge, 1960

Two Men in Fog, 1958

Arthur Murray, 1960

Mexico City with Chev, 1963

Main Barber, 1968

Black Man Pender, 1958

Martin Luther King, 1970

Jackpot, 1961

Banff Meatateria, 1955

Curtains, 1972

Boys Wrestling, 1969

Eisie and Dick, 1974

Two White Cars, Quebec City, 1969

Lucy/Georgia, 1968

Victoria, 1967

Paris Cafe, 1959

(Photos © Fred Herzog—Courtesy of Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, via TIME)

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