Monday, March 3, 2014

Pasha Valera - 5 things I love about Film

Pasha Valera is a photographer based-in Moscow, Russia. He loves to shoot on film and rides a bike on forests or near lakes.
"I always take my camera with me, what would memorializing the beauty. Since I live out of the town, I use electric trains. For years my love for them has grown and evolved into a hobby. Sometimes I go out on the hunt for a new model of the train and take it off in beautiful places. Railway infrastructure is very beautiful, wires, rails, and all they are good on film."
Here are five reasons why Valera loves shooting film:

1. Film creates comfort in pictures.

2. We always do not know which frames work, this is the highlight.

3. The ability to do multiple exposures.

4. Itself for printing photographs.

5. Opportunity to engage myself to processing images.

See more of his work on his Flickr photostream.

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  1. awesome photography! specially those black and white photography!