Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New55 FILM - a Brand New Type of B&W Peel-apart Instant 4×5 Film

©Polly Chandler, New 55 Film

Bob Crowley is an nnovator, product manufacturer, and developer of multiple imaging and sound recording technologies, now delving into the visual arts, acoustics, and radiowaves. Crowley has big plans, and he's looking for some serious money to implement those plans. As the inventor for New55 FILM, he has just recently launched his Kickstarter campaign for a brand new type of 4×5 format, peel-apart instant film. To many this film is the recreation of Polaroid's Type 55 black & white positive/negative film of the same format.
"I've invented quite a few imaging related technologies that produce a picture of a medical condition, or a movie of the inside of a beating heart," he told LENSCRATCH. "Photography and especially instant photography has been an essential tool for me since the beginning. Like many I was sad when I heard that instant 4×5 film was out of production, and I started looking into it, just out of curiosity. What I found was a tale of intrigue, secrets, technical tricks, and plenty of untold history."

Like any project, New55 FILM started with researching patents and papers, buying the important books that exist in any field, and contacting people with knowledge who are willing to talk. All of this transpired out in the open on the New55 FILM blog where, from 2010 to today, you can read about the research, experiments, epiphanies, dead ends and insights that bring them to this Kickstarter project. Below are some of samples of images were taken by using the New 55 FILM.

©Tobias Feltus, New 55 Film

©Robert J Crowley, New 55 Film

©Robert J Crowley, New 55 Film

©Robert J Crowley, New 55 Film

©Robert J Crowley, New 55 Film

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