Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mirai-chan - A Cuttie Little Girl with Chubby Red Cheeks

Mirai-chan is a photo series made by the Japanese photographer Kotori Kawashima, containing portraits of the daughter of his friend who lives in a village in Sado Island, Nigata prefecture. Originally published in a small print run by a Tokyo gallery, Mirai-chan has been republished and reportedly was one of the best-selling photobooks in Japan, being selected the number one "Book of the Year 2011" by the Japanese magazine Da Vinci. The photography book has sold over 100,000 copies since March 2011.

Mirai in the title means future in Japanese and chan is a Japanese suffix added to the end of a younger person's name. The photography series is not a documentary but is created from Kotori’s conceptual idea.

Kotori thinks that the girl in the photography series possesses a lovable nature which is universal. He also thinks that there is something about the future in the beautifully changing four seasons and Japanese traditional culture in Sado Island. These ideas gave a birth to the conceptual girl Mirai-chan.

(All photos © Kotori Kawashima, via Artchipel and Saigon Times)

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