Thursday, March 27, 2014

Krist Mort - 5 things I love about Film

Krist Mort is an Austrian based artist mainly working with photography aswell as moving pictures. She was born in 1991 and over the years, has taught herself how to operate a camera by trial and error.

Focusing on the dark and somber aspects of life, aswell as the beautiful and fragile side of death and the unknown, her pictures showcase death and rebirth - always walking side by side, and the cycle of creation and destruction - perpetually moving on in its oppressive beauty.

Below are her five reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. The interaction of control and yet complete unpredictability. It is in my hands what happens to the photograph. I control what is happening in front of the camera, the process of developing and how I treat the film or print. And still, in the end, I can only wait an witness what the chemicals will do to the final picture. A beautiful symbiosis of magic and mayhem. Just like life is.

2. Today, anything can be accessed virtually at any time and instantaneously. It is not something I am trying to badmouth now, but still, it leaves me missing and deeply longing for something more tangible. And this is what film offers me. A more intimate approach to art, my surroundings, and life in general.

3. I truly cherish the individual relationship that is built when taking and processing an analogue image. It is something so organic - feeling and smelling your creations. You see each picture coming to life, speaking to you and teaching you something new about yourself.

4. Living in a disposable society, I would say that film helps to see things differently. You have to think precisely about the picture you are about to take. "Make it worth" the film. This not only makes you spend more time concerning yourself with the subject you are photographing, but also helps to learn and appreciate the little but outstanding moments in life that so often seem to drown within the big flood of sensory input that is surrounding us these days.

5. Eventually, a digital image documents. It freezes what happens in this very moment. Film however, it never freezes. It has this kind of quality that lives and moves beyond the picture being still. And knowing that I was the one who brought life to a photograph, will ultimately be one of the most fulfilling things to me.

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